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Interior Services

Floor mats are removed to be properly cleaned and treated. All carpet is shampooed, brushed and lightly vacuumed to thoroughly clean the fibers and eliminate odours. Spot steam cleaning is used for stubborn dirt. Vinyl, rubber dashes and door panels are cleaned and protected. Leather is safely cleaned and conditioned with a premium leather conditioner. All door jams are cleaned and protected.

Exterior Services

All details start with a proper wash. The car is thoroughly rinsed to loosen dirt and grime, followed by a foam bath. The foam is used to loosen dirt before the car is touched (preventing wash induced scratches). Once the foam has sat for a few minutes, it is rinsed and the car is gently washed by hand via the two-bucket method. The car is then rinsed, dried and treated with the select compounds, polishes, sealants and waxes to produce a show car finish.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels are rinsed with a pressure washer to loosen brake dust and road grime. Next, wheels are cleaned with a non-corrosive wheel cleaner and various brushes inside and out to ensure all crevices are clean. Tires and wheel wells are sprayed with a mild cleaner and scrubbed to remove grease and other contaminants. The process is finished by sealing the wheels and dressing the tires and wheel wells with a non-greasy, sling-free protectant.

Standard Packages

CK Signature Package - (10-12 hours)
Starting at $279

  • Two Bucket Exterior Wash & Dry
  • Exterior claybar treatment
  • 2 stage Swirl Removal/Paint Correction and Synthetic Wax Application
  • Headlight polish and protect
  • Rim cleaning & Sealant, tire shine
  • Wheel well and fender detailing
  • Full Interior vacuum & spot stain shampoo treatment incl. trunk
  • Full Interior Conditioning - All leather, plastics & vinyl
  • Inside & out windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Quick Engine bay detail

Deluxe Package (6 hours)

  • Two Bucket Exterior Wash & Dry
  • Full exterior Synthetic Wax Application
  • Headlight protection
  • Rim cleaning & tire shine
  • Wheel well and fender detailing
  • Full Interior vacuum & spot stain removal
  • Full Interior Conditioning - All leather, plastics and vinyl
  • Inside & out windows & mirrors cleaned


Please add 20% for trucks and SUVs.


The following add-ons can be added to any of the Standard Packages.

1. High Speed Polish +$50
    - Removes minor swirls, oxidization and hard water spots
    - Restores paint depth and clarity, significantly increases shine
2. Full Headlight Restoration +$40
3. Interior Fabric Guard Application +$40
4. Deep Clean Engine Shampoo +$35


Custom Packages

CKAutospa also offers an exclusive Concours Package for classics, exotics and showcars. Every component of the vehicle is dissected and restored to the most brilliant of conditions. The Concours Package takes at minimum 30 hours and is completely tailored to the Vehicle and Owners needs. For more information please contact us.