About Us

CK Autospa is a small, independently owned automotive detailing company servicing Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington. We are knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to achieving extremely high levels of cosmetic care and automotive reconditioning.


  • InteriorCarpet steaming, glass cleaning & polish, leather conditioning, plastic/rubber/vinyl detailing...
  • ExteriorClaybar, hand & machine polish and compounds, sealants, carnauba waxes, trunk/door jams, engine detailing, headlight /taillight restoring...
  • Wheels and TiresWheel cleaning and polishing, wheel well detailing and trim restoration, caliper polish, tire treatment...

Why Detail?

Your car is a valuable investment that needs to be properly cared for and maintained.

Natural elements such as UV rays, rain, pollution and many other contaminants can cause major damage to your vehicle. A professional detail can restore damage to your car’s surface and provides an invisible barrier between your vehicle and the elements. Benefits of a professional detail include:

  • Protect your car from harsh exterior elements
  • Enhance the value of your car giving a flawless look
  • Removal of swirl marks, marring and water marks caused by improper hand washing and car washes
  • A conditioned protected interior that looks ‘NEW’ years after purchase
  • Increased resale value. Houses are often staged to maximize value, why not do the same for your car?

Detailing Tips

Go Touchless
You aren't always able to give your ride the wash it deserves. A Drive-Thru car wash is not a sin, just make sure to pick your wash carefully. Avoid lock-in wheel guides and cloth washes and look for touchless washes with spot-free rinses. The Esso Luxury wash is a good choice.

Be Prepared
Keep a clean microfibre cloth in your car to wipe away contaminants and spills between washes. Bird mess can cause permanent damage to paint.